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STOP NEST. This product is unique and the only one on the market.

It is the mechanical protection of windows, window frames and facades prior to the construction of migratory birds’ nests /e.g. swallows/ which prevents damage and contamination of windows, window frames and also contributes to the protection of birds from the subsequent buckling of the already built nests.

The product STOP NEST is simply applied to the top edge of the window frame, made from a transparent foil, and is also an aesthetically acceptable choice for protecting windows from nesting.

STOP NEST has a protective function, a window protection function whose average price is 350-450 EUR and the protective function of the facade, whose average price is at EUR 86 per m2. In total, STOP NEST protects the customer's property at an average of EUR 700. If you invest an average of EUR 700 in the facade and window, an investment of EUR 3.90 to protect this property is less than in the case of damage and consequential costs caused by the regular nesting of migratory birds.

STOP NEST also has a protective function of migratory birds. Swallow is legally protected and arbitrary removal of the nest can result in criminal punishment against the perpetrator. If you want to protect your property from nesting birds, but at the same time you want to protect birds themselves, then sticking STOP NEST onto the window frame prevents the formation of bird nests. This avoids not only damage to property but also dropping of bird nests already built (often with birds' eggs), because if the nest is already built, in most cases it is already too late – window or facade is impaired and putting it back to its original state is costlier than the STOP NEST product that can be used as a prevention.
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