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Natural way without chemical burden that leads to a mutual satisfaction

We are a company engaged in ecological cleaning of all kinds of waste water. ProECO s.r.o. was established in Slovakia in 2007, based on excellent 15-year experience with the production and sale of bacterial enzyme mixtures – complex and environmentally friendly solution to your waste water management.

Our bacteria are used for protecting the whole waste water system and the scrubbers. As our products are purely ecological and work on biological principles, they do not destroy the pipes and structures of the waste water systems like chemicals such as sulphates or chlorine. The additional benefit of our products is extension of life of the entire waste water system, filters in cleaners, containers and other system equipment.

Our main priorities

  • a satisfied customer who will be happy to come back
  • production of exclusively Slovak bacterial preparations on a purely natural basis without chemistry
  • to clear our environment from chemical loads
  • development and testing of new products (we work in cooperation with universities such as Mendel University in Brno, or the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, as well as specialists in the field of surface water)
  • high quality and excellent efficiency is a must (big concentration of natural bacteria in each of our products)
  • low prices thanks to direct sales without any other intermediaries or hidden fees
  • an unrivalled ratio of price-quality on the Slovak and Czech markets
  • professional advice on customer´s problems with the effort of designing a possible solution

The main focus company ProECO s.r.o.
is sales and distribution bacterial enzyme products with use:

Manufacturing and industrial sphere
Sewage treatment plants
Hotels and restaurants
Public instutitions
Ecological waste
water cleaning
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